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In retrospect, we full of passion, Huadong brings people to overcome the national macro-control of the various pressures and difficulties, difficulties, seize the opportunity, and achieved sales revenue of more than 8000 million of the outstanding performance and continue to maintain the leading edge the forefront of domestic enterprises reducer: Huadong brand reducer was "Jiangsu Famous Brand" title; enterprise officially become "China heavy Machinery industry Association member units"; was "China quality inspection Association," defined as "quality standards assured brand." Looking into the new year: We will continue to keen grasp opportunities, take the initiative to meet the challenges and actively solve problems, and vigorously policy unswervingly adhere to the brand strategy, and strive to fight the Huadong China famous brand. We'll Huadong "brand project" construction, and constantly enhance its strength from the size and number of competition into the brand and quality of competition, the company formed by the strength in the whole parenting brand, relying on innovation and development of the brand, rely on good faith to support the brand, by staff maintaining a unified brand awareness with one to two years, the company brand reach China famous brand objectives.

"Thousands hammer million hit still tough, fire burning if lightly." We will continue to increase technology investment, enhance the technological innovation capability, and strive to maintain the company's continued development and improvement of the core competitiveness, we will continue to promote enterprise reform, restructuring and improvement of management systems, implement the scientific concept of development, around the modern enterprise the establishment of the target system, and continuously enhance and improve the management level. We are confident in the company's pilot committees and management level under the guidance of managers at all levels rely on the courage and wisdom, relying on all the staff of the united as one, worked hard to break through all difficulties and obstacles and move towards greater success in the new . I believe in the new year, one of the highest in China reducer strong new forest will be presented in front of people Huadong. Let us in the new year, sweeping into glory!

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