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Jiangsu Tailai Redcutor Co.,Ltd. Invite domestic and foreign customers sincere cooperation and common development ,and seals the related products in Chinese market.

We will supply you with as following:
The aid of production management
The helps for product sale in Chinese market.
Some founds for both our cooperate projects ( 50%)
Some helps and advice on the space of laws

Jiangsu Tailai Reductor Co.,Ltd. are specializing in the manufacture and export of gearbox .The products of high quality and the best service make us have a wide market. Our products are widely in the iron and steel, metallurgy, transportation, crane, shipbuilding, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical and paper-making machinery and other large industries and large-scale national engineering projects. Especially in port equipment, we have made breakthrough. The quality management is according to national Standards and is built on the basis of the most complete model ISO 9001:2000 ensuring quality for all the products manufactured.

All production of ¡°Jiangsu Tailai Reductor Co.,Ltd.¡± is certified in compliance with the CNS technical specifications.

Jiangsu Tailai Reductor Co.,Ltd. is a machine-building enterprise with the total facility area of 500 thousand square meters that is equipped with high-technology metalworking machinery, such as lager-scale machining center, CNC grinding machine and the automatic control of heat treatment furnace Carbonitriding  and other sophisticated production and testing equipment.

Jiangsu Tailai Reductor Co., located in Taixing city, Jiangsu province, China ,which is the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta.There are easy access to transportation and developed logistics channel.
Product catalogue:
Cylidrcal Gear Decelerators
Planetary Gear Decelerators
Cycloid pin reducer
Soft and middle carbies face cylindrcal gear decelerators
GearMotor Serises
Winch & Slewing gearbox& Wheel drive reducer
Metallurgy Gearbox
Soft-Drive reducer for Mine series

Our honors:

¡ñ  Our company will employ senior engineers to give you technical advice and design service
¡ñ  Our manager will help you to find the fastest and beneficial cooperation
We are eager to join hands with you to create a better tomorrow for both sides. If you want to know more information, welcome you to visit our website: ""; ""
Hold out your hands and let¡¯s be friends.  Tailai is willing to provide you with zealous service and most powerful technical guarantee on your success way ,  and work out wonders together to create brilliance with you.
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