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Product name£º In Hardened Gear Reducer
Product introduction£º
In Hardened Gear reducer mainly used cranes can be applied in transportation, metallurgy, oil mining, the chemical industry, light industry, construction and
Machinery and equipment in the armed drive configuration.
Main products are:
(1) QJR-D (QJB-D) series
QJR - QJR - D140 - D710
(2) QJS-D (QJC-D) series
QJS - D140 - D710 - QJS
(3) QJRS-D (QJD-D) series
QJRS - D140 - D710 - QJRS
(4) QJR (QJB) Series
QJR140 - QJR710
(5) QJS (QJC) Series
QJS140 - QJS710
(6) QJRS (QJD) Series
QJRS140 - QJRS710
(7) ZQA Series
ZQA250 - ZQA1000


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