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Product name£º static hydraulic planetary gearbox
Product introduction£º

The static hydraulic planetary gearbox is ideal driving solution which feature super quality and performance under any severe conditions our company brought in Janpanese tehnology, a successful developing high-tech product.The compact structure meets the requirements by brake.Thanks to elaborate desighn and modular construction , the use of hardened gears and high precision gear grinding technique, the gearbox has high loading capacity, reliable operation and high efficiency. The output shell is made of magnesium iron or supper steel. Feature

       Compact structure    long life time    Modular structure
        Easy mounting and maintenance           Low noise, high efficiency
        Easy replacement of oil              Integrated multi-disc brake

The gearbox for which is applied in automobile crane, marine and deck crane, port crane, container bridge crane and equipments, in forestry, building and other fields. In addition, we can provide a wide range of drive devices accordding to yourr special requirements. We always appriciate the opportunity of offering youre the best driving solutions.


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