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Product name£º P series of overload planetary gearbox
Product introduction£º

      P series of planetary gearbox have the characters of compact, light weight, wide-range of transmission ratio, higher efficiency, smooth operation, lower noise, high adaptability and others. And it¡®s widely applied in metallurgy, mine, hoisting& transportation, energy, light industry and other areas.

      P series of planetary gearbox are adopted involute plane gear drive and use inner &outer gearing and power driving reasonably, transportation grade have 2 grade and 3 grade. The range of speed ratio is 25~4000 r/min, the Maximum output torque is up to 2600000Nm, and designed on the basis of modular combined system, it may be varied or combined according to client¡¯s request. The installing form has :Foot-mounted , Flange ¨Cmounted, Torque ¨Cmounted and others.


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